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Written by Tuckie White

Nominated for SIX
Equity Jeff Awards

Including Best Director
  • Best Production, Play, Midsize

    Equity Jeff Awards
  • Best Ensemble, Play

    Equity Jeff Awards
  • Best New Work

    Equity Jeff Awards
    Tuckie White
  • Best Director, Play, Midsize

    Equity Jeff Awards
    Azar Kazemi
  • Best Performer in a Supporting Role

    Equity Jeff Awards
    Meighan Gerachis
  • Best Sound Design, Play, Midsize

    Equity Jeff Awards
    Victoria DeIorio

Director Statement

It is thrilling to welcome audiences to MOTHERHOUSE by Tuckie White. Upon first read the play resonated with me deeply and had the kind of heart and guts that I expect from a Rivendell production and its incredibly talented ensemble. Working with these artists to bring this story to life has reignited my belief in theatre as a magical and necessary reflection of our humanity. Throughout the rehearsal process the play demanded that we engage with and expose the messy and ugly parts of ourselves that are hidden behind closed doors. Asking the question: what happens if we embrace, accept, and face our painful histories? We witness these characters express strange humor and vulnerability as they sift through unimaginable loss. Grasping to connect and be seen by one another in their worst and most terrifying moments. I invite you to lean in and experience all that MOTHERHOUSE will reveal, as it captures the beautiful and complicated way we hold onto pain as an ultimate act of love.
Running time is 95 minutes.
Opens: March 24, 2023
Closes: September 30, 2023

In Tuckie White’s MOTHERHOUSE, a young woman, Annie, enlists the help of her four Aunts to create a eulogy for her recently deceased Mother. What begins as a small act of family solidarity quickly spirals into darkly comic chaos as they attempt to capture the spirit of the departed.